What exactly is Australian Kitchen?

We’re an internet search and visual discovery engine for recipes, purposefully designed to help you find cooking inspiration from Australia’s talented and flourishing crop of self-publishing food writers.

We also promote local and sustainable food production, so much of our social media chatter will likely be on seasonal eating and sourcing from local Australian producers. That and the usual kitchen banter common to those with a sheer love for food and related creativity.

Where do the recipes come from?

We index recipe abstracts from Australia’s most inspirational food blogs and recipe websites. Behind the scenes, Australian Kitchen has a bot that crawls and indexes recipes from sites around Australia. These recipes are then carefully screened by humans to make sure you get a high quality experience as you browse for inspiration.

If you’re a food writer and would like to showcase your recipes on Australian Kitchen, get in touch to join our Writers’ Network.

Why do you only feature Australian sites?

We’re an Australian company with a passion for Australia’s diverse food multiculture. We also believe wholeheartedly in local and sustainable food production… So it makes sense to celebrate with plenty of inspiration for using local and seasonally based ingredients. Plus Australian food writing has to the best in the world, right?

Why don’t you include recipe directions?

Australian Kitchen is a search engine designed to help you to unearth recipes and find inspiration on Australian food blogs which otherwise might be invisible to the unacquainted on our vast and ever expanding interweb. We feature recipe cards with a thumbnail image and basic ingredient list, each linking to the full recipe post on the blog that originally published it.

Yep! If you publish original, food-related recipe content on your own blog or website - and you do it from within Australia, you can submit your recipes to be featured on Australian Kitchen.

Join the Australian Kitchen Writers’ Network

Any rules for recipe submissions?

Yes -

  1. You must be agreeable to our Terms of Service
  2. The recipe(s) must be published on your own blog or website and you should be publishing from within Australia.
  3. At least one good quality and visually appealing image should accompany each recipe.
  4. You must own the copyright to, or be fully licenced to use, any images associated with recipes you submit. Please read our Terms of Service for submitting recipe images.

What happens after I’ve submitted a recipe?

  • We moderate all submissions.

  • If your recipe(s) meet our submission and quality guidelines, we’ll create an Australian Kitchen Gallery to feature your recipe cards exclusively. Your recipes will also be indexed into the main Australian Kitchen Search for users to find and browse through.

  • Each of your featured recipe cards has a thumbnail photo, list of ingredients and a direct link to the original recipe post on your website.

  • Photos are automatically resized and cropped to 230 x 230 px (minimum, standard) or 660 x 496 px (optional, enlarged).

  • We’ll give you a hoy once your Australian Kitchen Gallery is up and running and we’ll also send you a personalised URL that you can use to link to your Gallery from your blog/website.

  • Occasionally we promote featured recipes (fully credited to you) on the Australian Kitchen home page, or through our official social media channels. See Terms of Service for more detail.

  • If you’ve asked that the Australian Kitchen Search automatically indexes recipes on your site, we’ll periodically re-index your site to add new recipes that you publish. Provided these meet our submission and quality guidelines they will be automatically included in your Australian Kitchen Gallery. Alternatively, you can submit new recipes to be featured individually at any time.

How do I report a problem?

Although we test Australian Kitchen very carefully, sometimes bugs slip through. Other times there are problems with the content of recipes that slip past our robots and their human supervisors.

If you’d like to tell us about any problems that you experience while using the site, you can contact us.

Heeeelp! I can’t…

If you’re having problems getting stuff to work, first try and:

  1. Make sure that JavaScript is enabled in your web browser. Nowadays almost all web pages contain JavaScript. If this is disabled on your browser for some reason, this will limit what you can see on web pages. Here are instructions on how to enable JavaScript if you need them.
  2. Switch to a different web browser. Older browsers generally work fine with Australian Kitchen, but the older the web browser gets, the more work we have to do to support it. And to be honest we prefer to spend our time drooling over food porn. So if the site is misbehaving, then perhaps try the latest versions of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
  3. Go get a coffee. It’s unlikely that the problem will have gone away by the time you come back, but it does sometimes happen. Worst case, if the problem hasn’t gone away, you’ll have coffee to cheer you up. Everything’s better with coffee. Feel free to let us know.